Please leave any armor/item/food suggestions in the comments section at bottom of page and I will try and add them to my list

In progress


  • Danse's Shore Leave Fatigues (bos and post bos) mesh mashup-[me]
  • Tesla Trooper Battlesuit mesh mashup (hazard suit, protectron head etc)-[me]
  • Deacon's Incognito Outfit mesh mashup-[me]
  • Diamond Wedding Ring mesh mashup -[me]
  • Bottle of Honey texture-[me]
  • Child Shaun's outfits (BoS, MM ,no faction PostWar, nuka cola fan) texture-[me]
  • Postal Bag Faction Retextures (dirty/clean versions) texture-[me]
  • Followers of the appocalypse labcoats mesh mashup-[me]
  • Silver Shroud bandana texture-[yeti]

Possible Future plans

  • Postal × scribe backpack mesh mashup-[me]
  • Vault Suit ,combat armor, marine armor, metal armor texture improvements-[qah]
  • Boston Cop and diner uniforms mesh mashup-[me]
  • Furniture [me] texture-[me]
  • Dogmeat collar and house texture-[me]
  • Pictures wall and tabletop texture-[me]
  • Improved Hancock outfit texture-[me]


  • Followers of the appocalypse lab coats texture-[me]

(will be doing new mesh as pants and shoulders need replacing)

Compleated textures

PicsArt 07-14-08.42.37-2048x2048
PicsArt 07-10-04.38.50-2048x2048
PicsArt 10-13-08.10.31-2048x2048
PicsArt 07-25-09.41.05-2048x2048

PicsArt 08-05-03.47.57-2048x2048
  • Hubris Comics Tshirt Post-War
  • Nomlofe Tshirt Post-War
  • Starlet Sniper Tshirt Post-War
  • Silver Shroud Tshirt Post-War
  • Followers of the Appocalypse Lab Coat (female)
  • Followers of the Appocalypse Lab Coat (male)

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