Nissan skyline R34

OHAI im LYNXKING12 but if you know me well enough just call me lynx. i am going to be the funniest person youll meet im not really into teasing people over chats (but in real life hell yeah!). my favorite games have to be cookie clicker, skyrim and fallout NV although cookie clicker is more of an obsession. my fav genre of music has got to be dubstep if its not dubstep its horrble. i like to think of myself as a cat (dont know why) but other than that im the laziest person you will meet other than blitzbear. my eye color is blue although im usualy wearing red contacts if im not at school, i honestly dont know what this sun everyone speaks of is? my hair color is sandy blonde/brown ok thats all hope if you meet me in the chat ill be nice.....maybe

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Hanekawa tsubasa