-building- -rebuilt pre war settlement houses -immersive toilets and showers -more vault tec rooms -place anywhere -scrap everything -prewar postwar sanctuary home -snap and build -diy clutter for shelves -sci fi posters -fenway park poster -lore posters -cat paintings -nasa posters -gym posters -horror posters -park posters -rock and roll posters -cafe clinic and babershop posters -homemaker more crap for building -ocd decorater staic placers -old world plaids -creative clutter statics -laundry day machines -working ice cooler -bobblehead wall stand -thematic and practical furniture -settlement idle markers -renovated furniture renovated curtains and rugs -minimalist decor -butcher meat racks and hooks -cigarette posters -misc to scrap -repaired sanctuary bridge -sign of the times wall signs -sign of the times -craftable plywood -cozy beds -vault tec lighting overhaul -orphans of the common wealth -dont call me settler -hangmans alley

-settlemnts and player homes- -bolyston club -bos police station player home -dauntless submarine -cambridge player manor -fizztop grille -salem coastal home -red wave boat

-requiredmods- -awkcr -armmorsmith -bodyslide -looks menu f04edit

-character customisation- -giant menu of lots of crap -cbbe (unfortunately) azars ponytail hairs

-textures- -blood textures -vivid textures -vivid trees -vivid roads and bridges -food packet textures -sweetroll retex -red senior scribe robes -dead fish textures -pip boys

-creatures- -crows and creatures -commonwealth chickens and rabbits

-dialogue- -eliminate stupid lines -female ss is war veteran

-immersion- -keep a journal -campsite -vault suits in boxes -skip far harbor puzzle -custom idles -visual sleeping -smokeable cigarrettes -drink drinks and coffee -sit anywhere -swinging meat bags -wasteland imports -holotape replacer -cbbe mutilation limbs -pip boy shdow -atomic radio -need meat

-cooking- -cat recipes -deathclaw eggs 50% drop -all nuka everywhere -takahashi ramens -wastelanders cookbook

-armor- -westtek nightvison -cbbe elianoras appocalypse and gunslinger outfits -tactical flashlights -toxic raider -sirius set -jacketed sirius set -liberty power armor

-clothing- -wearble holotags -cbbe underwear lacy -cbbe 1950s feminised outfits -cbbe commonwealth shorts -cbbe wasteland fashion -cbbe wasteland fashion retextures -cbbe wasteland girl set -cbbe wasteland girl set everything -cbbe femshep something... -cbbe femshep autumn -femshep summer shorts standalones -cbbe trouble maker outfits -cbbe the scavenger -flowery dresses for ME!

-weapons- -unique uniques -bumper sword -fire axe -tactical katana -crow bar

-companions- -dogmeat harness armor -improved look for Hancock -nick synth retextures -gtfo of power armor danse -cleans up danse face dirt -macready better appearnce -shei wolf -audrey hepburn curie

-enviroment- -darkernights -wet water stuff -vivid waters wetish upgrade -true storms -grasslands unhealthy

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