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KallenbearRp Wiki

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Welcome To KallenbearRP

This wiki is desgned to be an Elderscrolls fan wiki for Role-Playing .Our main Role-Plays (RP's) are Elderscrolls themed but we do have others for those who aren't so much fans of The Elder Scrolls, also Fan Fiction (Fanfic) to read too. Anyone is welcome to write there own RP, Fanfic Off-Topic thread or join in our Chat .If you've never joined an RP before ,need any help posting or are experiencing any issues navigating the wiki please ask Blitzbear93 for help and she will do the best she can to promptly aid you. We hope to see you around joining in, having fun and staying around.

Users of this wiki are know as Kalbearians

Featured RPs Open For Players

  1. TES: Blood & Shadows #01 The Tourney Begins

In the heart of Cyrodiils Imperial City Arena a tournament is being held...

Featured Off-Topic Thread

Awesomely Bad YOLO Tattoos The dumbest, funniest and weirdest tattoos you can think of.


What I like most about RPs?

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