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Becoming an Submortal

One can become a submortal by being infected with any fluid received from a submortal's body (saliva or blood most commonly as Submortals are sterile) the human body reacts differently to what's in a Submortal's body fluids similar to disease it takes over the body's system causing it to stop vital signs and run off something in the Submortals fluid that seems to be a constant and almost limitless source for fueling the body which skeeps it in a non-deteriorating stasis; however this mindlessness has an effect on the brain that can cause it to hunt constantly the desire to kill and eat living person or animal it comes in contact with for unknown reasons as the Submortals fluid now sustains it permanently it's is assumed the body is reverting to its basist instincts to kill.


Submortals have been around for an unknown amount of time it is held by the vampires that Submortals were always around as long as theyre have been people on earth though even they claim to not know of the origins of the Submortals only that one came into contact with humans at one point early in history managing ti affect many an dspreading rapidly and we're long ago herded up and imprisoned in many deep isolated locations in every contry they appeared in millenia ago by the the vampires and had been hidden until the events of the DE when it is believed that several mistreated BCs world wide coordinated to release the Submortals to punish the vampires for mistreating BCs however the Submortals turned away from the hopeful vampire targets whom they mostly ignore due to displaying no true life signs and instead turned on the BCs and other humans.

Treatment by non humans

Treatment by humans

Rules and laws for Submortals


Daily lives

Submortals who are still mindless creatures hunt endlessly and have no emotions or desires other than the all consuming urge to kill and feed

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