Note: as this is still a work in progress details may be subject to change


Arctos - (homeland-unknown varied) a werebear race that spend their lives training in both human and bear forms, whom are exemplars of traditional werebear culture they have high standards of honor and dawn a sense of justice while serving the council as their main defensive units when needed. Since the DE they don't often live amoung humans/or are accepted often but those who do are drawn to roles in law enforcement and security, enemies with the wolf races who are lawless in particular the lycaon who slaughtered many of their cubs while the arctos warriors were serving the council away from home centuries ago they still haven't been able to forgive them.

Berse - (homeland-old nordic lands mainly norway and finland)tribe of bears who train to fight known for their short tempers they keep them selves to themselves usually living in forests through Alaska America and russian rarely remaining in their native lands they serve the council as fighters but are less used than the others bears due to their short tempers and tendency to attack first rather than be diplomatic a trait they share with most wolf species despite being rivals they still however have the same codes of honour as the arctos.


Lycaon - (homeland-unknown) once a noble council race they became prideful and led an unexpected attack on humans they deemed as unworthy to rule the world while the concil species remqined hidden (an event widely covered up by the council) as myths after this they became wild savage and sometimes cannibalistic race, not only did they attack humans but any race that they felt was weak causing them to become emeimies with the Arctos bear race for murder many of the tribes cubs many centuries early while the council had summoned most of the tribes warriors away , the Lycaon are savage and stalk humans and human farm animals they take sadistic pleasure in tormenting humans for the fun of it and are most often seen terrorizing humans as biker gangs and in packs as wolves in the wild or near the wild.

Ulfhednar - (homeland-Norway) tough and savage like the lycaon prior to the DE they rarely cared about being revealed to humans (causing the council to have to constantly follow them and cover up there mistakes) they live for the hunt of the strongest creatures they could find of any species like all wolf packs they travel along side dogs as covers for their own nature despite not really caring about covering their nature, their dogs are trained as viciously as they are they exist to fight and care only about strength they care only to fight but will have limits in what they will fight unlike the lycaon (refusing to kill the weak only fighting the strong).

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