• We have re-instated the Member Of The Month or MOTM! This thread is for nominating candidates and voting for the winner. Please do so in the comments and this post will be updated accordingly.

    How to nominate

    Anyone can nominate anyone as long as the reason is good enough. Try to nominate people who have been busy on the wiki lately or who you think deserves it for their overall work on the wiki. Remember, a person can only be MOTM once, so be sure to check Member Of The Month before you submit!

    Your nomination should have:

    • A heading signifying that it is a nomination, please use two equal sings in the following format: ==Nomination for MOTM==
    • Name of the nominee in the following format: [["link to the user's profile"|"Their full username"]]
    • A detailed description of your reason for nominating them.

    How to vote

    Please use a heading to signify your vote in the following format:

    • ==Vote==

    Each person can vote once. Double votes will be removed immediately! Use with one of these templates to vote, followed with a reason:

    Support Support
    {{Support}} Write a reason for support
    Oppose Oppose
    {{Oppose}} Write a reason for opposition
    Neutral Neutral
    {{Neutral}} Write a reason for neutrality

    Try to give as much detail as possible in your reason for the vote. However if someone has already said everything you were going to, you may just comment your agreement to avoid unnecessary repeating.

    Nominations for May 2017

    Please vote!

    I know many of you probably don't want to vote for MOTM, because of the requirement of giving detailed reasoning. This however is somewhat optional. If the nominator has given all the reasoning you yourself have, you may just simply comment your agreement in your vote. So please do vote! I don't want to have to decide the MOTMs on my own


    • The comments will be purged once a month when a new MOTM is chosen.
    • You may not nominate yourself!
    • You may only nominate one person per month but vote for all nominees.
    • You may use the practice nomination and vote below as formats:
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